Launch of the 2017/18 School Year



This is an exciting year in IASA’s history!  We welcomed our largest high school student body - 282 students. We also opened the doors to the new IASA Middle School (IASA-MS).

IASA Middle School - Inaugural IASA Middle School Students using whiteboard desktops.

60 excited 7th grade students became the first class at the new IASA Middle School.  Slated to expand to 8th and 9th grades in the next two years, IASA-MS combines IASA’s educational values of Excellence, Leadership and Community Service.  It is temporarily located within the nearby Guatemala Elementary School in Jerusalem’s disadvantaged Kiryat Menachem neighborhood.

Innovative Curriculum: IASA staff has developed a groundbreaking curriculum for the new 7th grade.  It is an innovative interdisciplinary exposure program in science, humanities, art and music (reflecting IASA’s academic departments).   Project Based Learning (PBL) units have been developed to offer students guided independent study and research opportunities.

IASA Campus Facilities: Every other Friday and Sunday, middle school students will have their lessons on the IASA campus.  They will utilize the fabulous Schusterman Campus extensive amenities including: library, labs, music rooms, and art studios. When IASA-MS reaches full  enrollment, the Ministry of Education has committed to build a separate facility on our Schusterman Campus.

Crown Community Service: IASA-MS is the first middle school in Israel in which all its students participate in community service. They will join IASA high school students to serve as mentors for pupils in the Guatemala School.   IASA-HS students have been doing this for years. 

New housing has been built in the lower-socio economic Kiryat Menacham neighborhood as part of the Jerusalem Municipality urban renewal plan. The interaction between IASA-HS and IASA-MS with the Guatemala School will greatly strengthen the level of education at the Guatemala School.  This will help to stabilize and strengthen the community and attract new residents.

Respect, Leadership, and Honesty: IASA’s Amazing Achievements

The Jerusalem Education Authority undertook a large-scale evaluation of the city’s schools. They evaluated schools in the areas of fostering civic values, teacher satisfaction, academic success, and drop-out rates. IASA consistently scored significantly higher than the average in all fields. Some highlights from the report include:

·        95% grade in encouraging respect and inclusion of students’ differences.

·        95% of students remained at IASA, indicating a high level of student satisfaction.

·        95% of students passed national matriculation exams (bagrut).

·        86% of students expressed that they were motivated by curiosity and interest in their studies, as compared to 37% in the control group.

·        The school received a 91% grade in encouraging students to develop leadership skills.

New Core Curriculum

Over the past summer, approximately 30 IASA teachers gathered on their own time to dramatically broaden IASA’s core Humanities curriculum.   They worked tirelessly and were given professional assistance when required.  The new curriculum includes an


expanded range of courses in philosophy, literature, history, and Israel Studies, as well as cross-disciplinary courses such as “Philosophy of the Human Sciences.”



An extensive refurbishing program is underway on campus, updating the lobby, classrooms and other gathering areas.  The focus of this renewal program is to better utilize the space for our students and faculty. 

 RENOVATED LIBRARY                                             

Bob Asher cuts the ribbon on the rejuvenated Norman and Helen Asher Library

IASA’s new library is up and running! After a complete renovation generously donated by the family of Norman and Helen Asher, students now have access to a light-filled space in which to access an expanded range of traditional and electronic resources to enhance their research and leisure reading. They can even do homework on the walls!

What’s New in the Crown Community Service Program?   Rent-a-Grandchild: In order to reach the elderly who don’t want to sign up for weekly activities, IASA students will be setting up a “Rent-a-Grandchild” service at two retirement homes. Residents can come for help with shopping, computers, cell phones, Internet orders, or anything else they could use a hand with.

IASA Middle School: A group of IASA high school students travel to the IASA Middle School in the Guatemala school every Sunday morning to run programs in science, debate, and general homework help. The project fosters a connection between the middle school and the spirit of learning at IASA and introduces the middle school students to IASA’s ethos of community service.

Children in Women’s Shelters: Mothers and children who are abused have to start their lives afresh in a new and different environment. IASA students will provide the children with stability and continuity by meeting with them once a week to help with homework, play, and offer enriching and fun activities.

Inaugural IASA-MS students using whiteboard desktops.

Inaugural IASA-MS students using whiteboard desktops.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (center) joined by the IASA Middle School’s inaugural faculty.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (center) joined by the IASA Middle School’s inaugural faculty.

IASA high school students with IASA middle school students.

IASA high school students with IASA middle school students.

middle school sign on wall.JPG