When you strengthen Israel’s education system, you ensure the future of the nation.

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The Israel Center for Excellence through Education-USA (ICEE)

is a U.S. not-for-profit 501(c)3 foundation supporting the urgent mission of ICEE-Israel: raising the level of education for children across Israel. ICEE seeks to foster Excellence, Leadership and Community Service throughout the Israeli educational community.

Learn more about our flagship initiative, the Israel Arts and Science Academy.

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25% of IASA graduates go on to earn their PhD

(compared with the national average of  1.3%).

        IASA makes a critical contribution to Israel’s academic leadership
that’s so essential to the nation’s future.

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Israel Arts and Science Academy (IASA)

Where tomorrow’s leaders learn.

IASA is a national residential high school for high-achieving and motivated youngsters who have high potential, great curiosity and are willing to work hard—both Jewish and Arab—from across Israel.

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Excellence Educators Institute (EEI)

Equipping teachers across Israel to inspire.

EEI provides our nation’s educators with the tools, techniques and motivation to meet the needs of young people with excelling capabilities—especially from the periphery.