IASA-MS/guatemala school

IASA-MS/Guatemala School: An exceptional partnership


IASA-MS currently operates in the Guatemala Elementary School, located in the lower socioeconomic neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem.  The Guatemala School suffers from low registration numbers. The Municipality has begun a renewal of the neighborhood.  One of the goals in establishing our middle school in the Guatemala School is to strengthen it and again make it an attractive destination for students. This will help the renewal process in Kiryat Menachem by attracting families seeking quality education.

Guatemala School students participate in Community Service together with IASA middle school students, IASA educators mentor Guatemala School teachers, and the Guatemala school offers its students elective enrichment courses based on the IASA-MS model.

The Jerusalem Education Authority now promotes the school as the IASA-Guatemala School. Thanks to its partnership with IASA, the Guatemala School has already increased 1st grade enrollment for next September.

When the IASA-MS moves to the IASA campus, the Guatemala school will have been transformed.

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