Mitchell Excellence 2000

Making science and math exciting for high-achieving students.


Mitchell Excellence 2000 (ME2K) is a unique enrichment program in science and math for students in grades 4 through 9. The program is directed at the brightest and most motivated students in local schools across Israel. Its fresh and exciting curriculum is written especially for the age and ability level of the participants. ME2K operates mainly in the periphery (social, economic and geographic). It conducts path-breaking work in Israeli Arab and ultra-Orthodox communities. Its work has expanded to the Arab community of East Jerusalem.

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Engaging students in the critical subjects
of science and math.

Dedicated educators learning how to engage and inspire students.

Dedicated educators learning how to engage and inspire students.

Equipping teachers to succeed.

Special methodologies are introduced to teachers through required in-service training programs conducted by the Israel Center for Excellence through Education. The teachers become students themselves in every curricular unit before returning to their classrooms with the new units. 

Field supervisors assist the teachers and assure they are able to deliver the material appropriately. There is constant feedback from the field, and continual revision and improvement of the curricular units. 


Tools and techniques that engage students.

In addition to the established classroom time, ME2K students are continually stimulated with other activities:

·  joint sessions with other classes, including international virtual learning sessions      

·  trips to special science locations, such as universities or museums

·  riddles and projects

In the communities where Arab schools are involved, the students join with Jewish students in the regional activities and competitions that are part of ME2K. 


Motivating students throughout the school.

The rewards of ME2K extend far beyond the students and teachers involved. The cachet of the program inspires other students to achieve more and behave better so that they, too, may join this high-achieving group. Over time, the whole culture of the school evolves toward excellence; it becomes not just an activity, but a way of life.