About IASA

IASA: cultivating Excellence, Leadership and Community Service among students.


The Israel Arts and Science Academy (IASA) is a residential high school for high-achieving and motivated young people from across Israel. These students have a high level of curiosity and a love of learning. Joining a community of youngsters with great ability is a stimulating and inspirational experience. IASA students focus on reaching their potential while celebrating one another’s successes.  

IASA’s unique learning methodology fosters critical thinking while promoting individual choices and talents. Combining demanding academic studies with a rich and supportive community life, our students and graduates produce exceptional achievements, earning IASA international recognition.


  • Excellence is a lifelong pursuit of doing your best in everything you undertake. Our focus on excellence extends beyond academics, to how you live your life, the way you treat others and what you contribute to society.
  • Students’ Leadership skills are developed by providing opportunities to take responsibility for activities and endeavors, helping them learn to lead while cultivating respect for others, humility and the ability to listen.
  • Service to others is prized as highly as excellence and leadership. IASA students perform Community Service every week throughout their education, with the goal of making service to the community a lifelong commitment.
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IASA graduates comprise an astonishing 7% of Talpiot.


It is rare for any high school to have even a single graduate accepted. 


Ensuring the survival of the nation.

Talpiot is the Israeli Defense Force’s most exclusive program. Only 50 from each year’s crop of more than 100,000 high school graduates are accepted to Talpiot for a nine-year commitment.

“Talpiotniks” are tasked with solving real problems for the Israeli Army, Navy and Air Force. The demanding IASA curriculum and the discipline students develop provide outstanding preparation for the rigors of Talpiot. Many of the IASA graduates who become Talpiotniks report that their motivation for joining was their desire to give back to their country.

From Major Yuval Nevo,
former Talpiot Commander, in a letter to Etay Benovich,
IASA CEO and Principal.

There is a great difference between the abilities of a gifted student who simply went through a system that makes no mark on him, and a student who went through a system like yours that develops him. It can make a decisive difference between one who realizes his potential and in doing so contributes to society, and one who fades into the background and his talents are left unused.”